Little Things

Woah, I'm SO sorry. I hadn't enough time to post something, I don't know, but school, friends all this was too much.
And the weather was soo bad, raining a lot with grey light, because of this I didn't took pictures.
Well, I did pictures, but nothing what's good enough for this blog :)
But now everything is gonna change, the first sunny day, flowers, spring is coming!
I'm so happy about this.
Big big kisses.♥



Only a little gift, I became from my aunt.
I really love this little bag :)


Hm, some snapshots.



Yeah, I only want to say, that I started with another blog, it's not a photographyblog, and I'll talk about fashion, design, and my life there.
I hope you'll enjoy it.


Woah, isn't he soo cute?
I loove him. He's the new Pup from my Grandparents, and only 2 weeks old.
Soo little, I think you'll see a lot of pictures of him in th enext time, because he's my new photomodel. :)


Yeah, I have so much to do...
And I'm waiting for spring! Sometimes there's a sunny day, and everyon ethings "yeah, spring is coming!" and than, a day after this, it's raining again.
I tooked this picture, at a sunny day, and I really love the light.
I think you would recognize the flowers from some other pictures.

Love, Ana.