Yeah, I had nothing to do, so I started to do some pictures with this little red, heart.
Hm, I like the idea, but I think that I'll try to do them in a better way.


Spontaneous portrait.


Dance, dance, dance to the radio.

Yeah, we had our Prom yeasterday.
It was very funny and here are some pictures..



Every 15- year old girl did a chuck-love-hearth-picture, now it's my turn.


Just the same lightdots as always.

Freetime and Summerfeelings!


Tu veux un apricot?

Some Snapshots :)



Yeah, now I want to change my blog a little bit.
I can't stand all that pink and yeah.

You can tell me if you like it, I'll start with it later.


Flower Flowers Flowers

I'm so sorry. I'm posting flowers again.
It's the spring, I'm soo happy about it, I can't stop taking pictures of all the flowers and leaves and the sun.
I'll promise that I'll do some shootings and another creative things, so sorry sorry sorry.



Flowers, green leaves,.. SPRING is coming.
that makes me sooo happy :)
Some more snapshots, SNAPSHOTDAY :D

Thinking about the past,...

Oh yes!
The spring arrived ( well, it seems like it did) and I started to look after old shoes.
And I'm stuning.
I found these old chucks, they are SO pink, but I used them today.
I went outside with some friedns, and then we sam some things wrote on the shoes.
Woah, soo much old stuff, what ends a long time ago, and I wasn't remembering.
Sorry for my bad bad english, but it's late and I'm sooo tired.
Love, Ana


A little piece of LOVE.

Yummi! :D

Little Cool Man

Not happy with this..


Yeah, Easter is coming soon, and I wanted to make some pictures, maybe for a easter greeting card.
Haha, I think it's funny.
Not the best quality, but, yeah.

And the pink thing, is a Ugly doll, done by me today.
It's soo ugly, but made with love :)


Woah, to much free time!

It's only one person! Did you see it?